Friday, October 30, 2009

Maturity of undergraduate in UM

I'm sure everyone of us had gone through the rebellion period..
Especially during the secondary school time..
Why? Bcz we are on the process to become more mature..
We are on the turning point from childish to mature..

But i just don't know why in the university, people are still so childish and 'naughty'..

I dont know about other university, but i believe most of the government university in Malaysia have this kind of problem..
One Malaysia, One University, One type of M peole, what to do??

Fire cracker, hari raya had overed for so long time dy, why still got people play fire cracker inside UM??!!
Why this fire cracker only appear during this period but not in chinese new year?? I means only UM..

How old already ooh, still live in 90's era meh?
My kampung people don't play this kind of "ping ping bong bong" fire cracker for so many years dy, people in UM still play meh..
I thought only during my secondary school got this kind of problem, mana tahu during university time still got!!

Haiz, maturity...

I wonder university like NUS got this kind of problem or not..
No wonder our ranking is XXX, still a loong looong way to improve la!!
180 very happy meh??!!
Continue to enjoy ur achievement and recruit more this kind of student la, i see ur ranking will continue up or not..

*I just can't bear the sound of fire cracker, irritating..*

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