Sunday, November 1, 2009

4th Arise and Build is Coming

4th Arise and Build coming!!!

It a scary season!!!

Today when i saw the church bulletin wrote about Arise and Build,
my heart said, ooh God, how much should i give this year?
Can i discuss with my cellgroup leader to cut down a bit my giving??


Pastor preached a very powerful sermon today!!
My heart was touched and changed.

God, when I look back my journey in CHCKL, I had been given since the 1st Arise and Build..
Everytime i gave sacrificially..
I might give away my Iphone, my favourite t-shirt, my favourite shoes, etc..
But I knew indeed u have bless me abundant throughout the year..
I never in lack..

My dream of getting an oversea internship since my first year in uni had came through during the 3rd Arise and Build..
And God u did what beyond my imagination, my expectation.

Now, it came to the 4th one..
Today, God, I'm willing to give!
Whatever amount u ask, i give!
This is simply because everything i have is come from u and belong to u..

God, let me set my eye on the eternity..
When i was in my hometown church, we used to said this:
God, today u remind me what i had forgot..
Thanks you Lord!!

Prepare my Heart for the 4th Arise and Build!!

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