Friday, November 7, 2008

Blessing from God

God blessing keep coming right after I pledge the building fund to God on last Wednesday!!!

1st, I received a phone call from my sister, she said she had bank in RM200 for me.
My sister always bless me financially, but she seldom just bank in money to me without asking whether I still have enough to spend or not.
This time, I still have some money in my pocket, but she just blessed me.

2nd, I received a phone call from CITRA, they said they going to held a work shop for those are going to Italy.
Guess what, the work shop is from 24-26/11.
Right after I back from Singapore on mid night of 24/11!!
My exam finish at 17/11, normally, if u want to organize some activities, u won’t wait until 1 week after student finish exam.
Because mostly, students will go back hometown right after the exam finish.
I know this is a miracle from God because He knew that I don’t want to miss Asia Conference!!
Haha.. Praise the Lord!! =)

3rd, This morning thesis title is out, I’m so lucky because I can choose the title first.
Why? The reason is most of my coursemates was sat for their exam this morning.
Last year I had taken this subject, so I can choose my title first before the good title is chosen by other. Praise the Lord..!!
After chose the title, me and Chai How went to met the lecturer, he suddenly said we can actually do the same title together, just need to do the different report. (Normally thesis is one person work)
I get shock, it’s amazing.
And I just read from the bible during my quiet time,
“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor.” Ecclesiastes 4:9

I believe I can have my good reward in my (thesis) labor.
I believe this is a blessing from God.
His angle is keep protecting me…
His Spirit is keep guiding me…
Praise the Lord!!
I believe there are more to come.. =)

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steven said...

hey!!! Great and mercy is our Lord. I'm so happy that whatever u ask from God is what He wants. so, guess that's y God grant all ur wishes... i juz hope u will always remember this moments because we as a human, sometimes tends to be so ungrateful, either forget what God had done in our life or start asking more and more from Him. so, pls do remember this mercy that he had shown for u. bravo bro. i guess i dun have that blessing from God because now i'm struggling with some other issue that mostly deal with christianity. my bro and sis tends to use "emotionally stress" to impact me, which is not advisable and good for me. i'm juz under too much stress and make me lost the passion to worship Him. not only dat, stres from studies really freak me up. juz so bored with every 1 around me de... eh. thks for ur advise in my post... think next time u muz online to hav a chat with me de... if not, may be one day i will explode into piecess..ok den. bye. God bles u bro.