Saturday, November 29, 2008

Asia Conference

I always want to update my blog since i backed from Asia Conference.
But my schedule was too pack, no time for me to do so..

If I want to write about Asia Conference,
i believe i can easily write a 10 thousands words' article, haha..
because it's too great, too awesome, too...too...too...powerful...
Especailly the message on last night, preached by Rev Dr. A.R.Bernad.
The message just blew me away..
1 and half hour message with no a single second i feel boring..
it was like an excited journey, a life impacting journey..

I don't want to write anymore..
just want to said, Asia Conference is the BEST conference i had ever joined!!
I'm looking forward on 2010 Asia Conference, i belive it is going to be even greater!!

Last, i want to conclude this article with a sentence that said by Rev. Dr. A.R.Bernad.

...Change of one person, cause the change of entire nation..

Will u want to be the person?

Ya, God i want..!

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J said...

u went to asia conference? so gd la...I missed it >_<