Sunday, November 2, 2008

3rd Arise and Build

3rd Arise and Build season is coming!!
Before that my feeling was,
“Arise and Build again!! Where was I going to find the money??!!
Next year January I need to go Rome for my internship and my salary only 300Euro.
Living there already a problem to me, perhaps I still need extra 100-200Euro per month.
Where could I find the money to give??!!”

But my mind set change after today sermon.
Pastor taught us not everyone has the opportunity to get involve in “Arise and Build”.
King David wants to build God a house but God said it’s not his time.
Today, I’ve the opportunity to build God a house, for sure I want to contribute!
Not only contribute, I gonna to give God a sacrificial offering.
Last year, I crossed the 4 figure giving, this year I gonna to increase 50% of my last year giving.
Even though I have no enough to use but I still want to stretch my faith and give God an offering that cost me something!!

“The God of heaven Himself will PROSPER us; therefore we His servant will Arise and Build.”(Neh 2:20)
“And u shall remember the Lord ur God, for it is He who gives u POWER to get WEALTH, that He may establish His Covenant. ” (Duet 8:18)

God, I believe in ur Word.
I don’t want to lean on the money but I choose to lean on U.
Let my money be meaningful to me.
Bless me oh Lord.

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