Sunday, October 19, 2008


Today see one my friend post a statement.
"Best way to forgive is to forget."
This statement is not strange for us.
We normally will think like that.
I tried this before, but I failed.
Time can temporary reduce the pain but never remove the pain.
We have to admit the hatred is exist.
Forgive is very very hard but it’s not impossible.
I still learn it.
In fact, we all need to continuing learn to forgive.

Throughout all this years, I’ve come out a definition of forgiveness.
Forgive ≠ Forget
We can forgive, but we never forget.
Forgive = When I remember that incident, there is no hatred inside my heart.

Can’t deny, forgive really need the power from God.
Without God, man hardly can forgive.
Man can forgive because God first forgive us.
God, thanks You because through Your power, I forgave! =)

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