Saturday, October 18, 2008

Internship in Rome, Italy for 6 months!

Yeah!! My dream came true!!

Actually I don’t expect I can have this opportunity to go Italy through department one..
But everything just beyond what I ask and imagine..
Indeed God is great!!

Yesterday I just got an offer from Citra said that I can have the opportunity go to Rome, Italy for internship..
At that moment, I’m not sure yet because they only pay me 300Euro but the accommodation is provided..

Anyway, after I survey the living cost in Rome, found that it is not cheap at all..
I think this time have to live like beggar over there already, haha..

I’ve a struggle time in making the decision but the final decision is still

Rome, I’m coming.. =)

God, plz continue to guide me and protect me..
I know U r there to help me and bless me..
Thx u oh my Lord!! =)


steven said...

hey. Indeed i'm rejoice to hear that!!! for crying out loud, finally u had that chance that had dream!!! glad that u will goin over there soon. dun wory about the future as God has promise even the flowers and birds in the air, He take care of them, and u as His created beings, sure gona get something more than that. All the best in ur future life. God's blessing be with u always bro. tke care ya. God bless!!!

Yu Xuan said...

Bro, i can feel that u really grow a lot in Christ!
It's so great!!!
Normal christian won't mention God in thier conversation but u will !!
It's because ur heart is filled with the Holy Spirit!!
For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.
god bless bro.. =)

wenyee long said...

keep shining for God no matter whr u go ya =)

steven said...

haha... thanks should be given to our Lord and i oso wana say thanks to u as well as u r the 1 that guide me to Him last time when i was in the peak of my depression life. u too present me a bible in order for me to grow more in Him and knows His words by telling me quite some parables from the bible.. all the best to u too!!! take care den bro. :)