Friday, October 10, 2008

Oversea Internship

Hey hey..
Here is my first article.
So it must be something that is very important for me right now!!!
What is it?
Definitely it’s none other than my coming internship!

I’m a guy full with visions and ambitious desires.
When I want to do something, nobody can stop me and no one can influence me.
The same happen when it comes to the thing I don’t want to do.

Since my second year in uni, I had made my mind to get an oversea internship while other only prefer to have it in local.
So I started to join AIESEC and prepared my oversea internship’s journey.
Now, I had passed the interview and fulfilled all the requirements for oversea internship.

The only thing I need to do is waiting for the matching process between company and me.
Remember, AIESEC is an international organization, the company is open to all AIESECer around the world. Can u imagine how many people will apply for the same job?
In addition, because I’m allergic toward coldness, so I can only apply for country which is not in winter season during December to June!
Hard man…!!

Not only this, it also looks like a bit late for me to apply.
I’ve to wait for 1 month for the matching and another 2 to 3 months for the visa application if I can get the offer from company.
Now already October, if follow the process, I need 4 months time.
And I need to continue study on July next year.
If anything happen during the matching process and it take longer time to process, then my internship will just gone. (Because latest I need to start internship on January to fulfill my 6 months internship)

A lot of obstacles need to go through.
But I believe I can get it.
The only one I can depend on is God.
Because is He who make all thing possible for me!!
God help me..I wish to go Brazil or Australia.
Protect me ooh God!


steven said...

hey there bro.. wow... looks like finally yo u have that chance to go overseas. but the things is up to God himself weather he wana give you or not. but i believe that He will make the most suitable choice for you. all the best for you and pls dun stress up with whatever things that is bugging u, K? i will pray for you that God will guide you through all the abstacle in your life. take care ya bro. og ya, which country you wana go? God bles u!!!

Yu Xuan said...

the country is not sure yet..
evrything is not sure..

steven said...

no worries then bro. since every things is stil in quite a blur case, den juz leave it to God. i have the faith He will guide u through!!! all the best for u bro!!! God bles u

Kiat said...

good luck bro..! all the best to you!! Guy who have dream are real tough man!!