Wednesday, November 5, 2008

...Deep Thought...

Today a typical question appears in my mind.
If ur mother and ur wife fall into a sea, u can only save one, who will u save?

Before that I not really have a deep thought on this question.
Normally we will just treat it as a nonsense question.
But actually not…
Remember the movie “Money Not Enough 2”?
The parent has to choose whether to save their only daughter or their only mother.
Base on the movie, the solution is mother give up in the “game”.

A pastor said this when he met his daughter’s boyfriend,
“Don’t say to me how much u love my daughter, U will never love my daughter as I do, for I’ll lay down my life for her.”
Ya, I pretty sure we can speak the same thing to our daughter’s boyfriend.
But how about her husband?
I pretty sure also, the husband will lay down his life for the wife as well.

I’m not sure whether there is a right answer for this question.
Perhaps there is, just I'm not mature enough to figure out.
Perhaps the best solution is either one party gives up.

Why not today let us just take a moment to think about it… …
Because I pretty sure all of us will have to come to this kind of situation one day.
The matter is whether the case is so serious until the either party will die.

U don’t have to force urself to give an answer.
But try ur best to make both of them happy.


love the one u love the most, but never forget the one who love u most!

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