Friday, August 27, 2010

Today I went to shopping in Isetan cause member day start from today!
There are 3 Isetan in Malaysia and I went to 2 of them.
KLCC, Lot 10 and The Garden.
So my 1st stop was KLCC because it's the largest Isetan in Malaysia.
I bought a purse.
A brand that I like much, called BRAUN BUFFEL. =)
Girls like handbag and their ultimate dream might be to own a LV bag.
Perhaps Hermes? Perhaps Prada or Gucci? Whatever la..
But for a young ladies, these brand are just a dream.
So they may lower down the target to buy Radley, Guess, what else?
I also don't know la.
My point here is, I'm just same with those girls.
My ultimate target might be own a Giorgio Armani purse?
Versace perhaps? I don't know.
Due to money issue, now I down my grade to Braun Buffel first.
Expensive but I like the design so much.
It look like this.

After that I went to Lot 10 bought a brazer.
G2000 blazer is just too expensive.
So I bought a blazer from SEED.
Also expensive lei.. =(

And then I straight away head toward Mid Valley.
I went to Jusco first, and bought a jacket again.
(I have bought 3 jacket in 2 weeks time).
After that went to Isetan, saw another SEED blazer.
Much cheaper than I bought one!
Ooh..Heart was bleeding.
I felt like want to buy one more,
because it was so cheap and left last one.
But at the end I didnt buy.
I remembered what my Japanese teacher told me yesterday.
He said, Malaysia's blazer was so cheap! But the design is old fashion!
I admit that I'm a person who care about fashion as well.
Although not too much, because no money to care too much.
But I do care a bit la..haha..
So I decided go buy it in Japan next time. =)
Ooh ya, I bought a shirt in Isetan Garden too.
So today I totally spend RM750!
I consider save money already.
I had calculated,
If no discount, I would spend RM1100.

My Toshiba's allowance all finish already,
And I not yet buy the main thing, winter wear!!
I can buy the purse although it look like a bit waste money.
But I will feel happy when I see it.
But I won't buy the same amount of winter jacket in Universal Travel or Winter Time,
simply because it didn't worth it.
And I won't happy when I wear it.
Now I'm waiting the Jusco day.
Hopefully the jacket that I target for (RM700) will further discount until 50%! Haha..
Then only I will buy.
If not then go Japan only buy lo.

Another thing that I would like to buy is 'working bag'.
Today saw one bag with 70% discount.
But the design is definitely uncle type!
RM550 after discount also hundred plus only, cheap neh..
PVC one also need RM100 la.
U'll choose design or quality?

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