Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Journey to the Boleh Land

The radioactive of the nuclear plant is not that optimistic. The nuclear fuel have destroyed around 70% in one of the reactor.. Hmmmm...

Anyway, i'm on my way back to Malaysia. But it's not easy too..

First, the air ticket is super expensive.
Direct flight cost more than RM7000.
Flight to Singapore also need RM6000.
At the end, I chose the direct flight to Bali then change Air Asia back to KL. This also cost me RM5000.
I'm lucky, still can bought the ticket that board on today. Most of the tickets had sold out and I can really see how many people are escape away from Japan!!

Well, after bought the ticket, the way going to airport was not that smooth as well.
Due to the electricity saving program, the rapid train go to Narita Airport had stopped at night. No more rapid, there was only normal train. I should be able to reach airport within 1 n half hour but now it take 2 n half hours to reach. Ooppss.. Wrong, the last station was not narita airport, was narita station!!
Similar name but 9km away......
Looked at my iPhone, 11:30pm..
Looked at the taxi queue..
Looked at the taxi price..
I take out my iPhone again,
Looked at the battery level, 50%.. 
Hmmm.. No choice, I got to walk to airport! With a big luggage, a laptop bag, a camera bag.
Yeah, I was ready to move!

Indeed I am quite confidence on the safety in Japan. Met one nice guy that wanted to fetch me, but I rejected!
Well, I think u should know the condition of the area that close to airport. Yeah, quite similar to Malaysia. Highway with only grass and tree beside u...
I walked for 2 hours and finally reached the airport.
I should just take the cab, u know why?
Because I forgot to check the radioactive level at Chiba area!
Ooh Shit!!
I just prayed that the wind was not blowing toward that area!!

It was quite tiring but it still not the end.
When I was at the train, I realized I haven't eat any food for the whole day!! >.<"
But no choices, I still need to head toward the airport. Yeah, I didn't faint at the middle of the road.
Now, it's 7am in the morning. Not really can rest. Rested in the floor, and it was cold over here..

Well, u may think everything over. But right now, what I worried is will I manage to get the Air Asia flight. The gap between my arrival and departure time is only 1 hour 25 minutes. I need to check in before 45 minutes. So that means I have only 40 minute to go through the custom, get my luggage, pack everything into my big luggage (as Air Asia only can bring one hand carried bag) and check in my luggage again!
I don't care, I just go by faith.
I was really tire, cold, hungry, worrying.....
But I still much more better than those victims in safe house.
May Gods have mercy on Japan and guide my journey back to KL.


foon said...

all the best, wish u have a safe journey...

chen0406 said...

waoh!! geng...walk for 2 hours~~lol
btw, have a safe journey and god bless=D