Monday, February 28, 2011

I need something solid !

Well, finally finish my homework.
It remind the process of learning.

We all went to kindergarten during five years old.
We learn A,B,C..bla bla bla
Then proceed to primary school, secondary school and university.

I went to sunday school during five years old.
Then proceed to Teenager Fellowship, Youth Fellowship and sunday service.

These are the process of learning.
From simple to complicated.
From easy to difficult.

I think I start to know about God at my age of twelve.
I knew God came to save us, give us a new life.
A life that has purpose.
A life that has direction.
A life that has blessing more than I can ever imagine.

I knew it.
I really do.
In fact, this is what we going to tell the non believer.
A life that is so great that God have prepared!

I no need to know this again.
Please don't continue to speak this every week during the church service.
I want something solid.
Don't feed me with the milk.
I need to grow more!
I find no purpose on going to service on a weekly basic.

Ooh No, come on.
Same type of message every week.
Same bible verse that being used.
Ya, perhaps you say this is what the new comer ought to listen.
This is pretty good.
Simple, short and nice to hear.

I'm considering again.
Is this a right church for me?
Frankly speaking, I don't like the leader that only contact me about the attendance.
I'm so sick of this kind of character, in Malaysia or Japan.
It's same!
I don't like the cell group that can only bring guy friend.
Hey, this is church, come on.
Don't separate the group according to the gender.
I felt shocked as this is the first time I see this kind of cell group.

I just want to say,
A too simple and shallow message can't make me grow.
A nice to hear message can't stand the challenge of life.
The whole bible got so much to share.
The whole bible got so many important verses.
The whole bible got so many thing to analyze and learn.
John 10:10 is a great verse, but please don't stop at that verse.

God, can You show me a way?

Is time to sleep.

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