Sunday, December 19, 2010


After 1 and the half month of thinking..
Finally I made up my mind to buy the TV.
I went to survey the price and model yesterday but failed to buy it..
Because in Yodobashi, the TV that I wish to buy was out of stock!
In Bic Camera, there was stock but the price is 6000yen more expensive.
So, I planned to postpone my plan and buy it during Christmas or new year.

I planned to go for shopping but when I board on the train and heading to the mall,
only I knew that the mall closed on 8pm.
And I saw the time, 5pm....

So I changed my plan and head toward Kawasaki to see the TV.
I reached Bic Camera and talk to the sale man that Yodobashi was selling at 31800yen.
And he said can sell me at that price too, and immediate can get the TV!!
How great is that, w/o further thinking,
I bought the TV.

The reason I chose this one was,
it was the slimmest TV among the 19" TV.
It is a fact or not?
I'm not sure, I just felt that It was the slimmest.
Toshiba is 1000yen cheaper than it,
but it was too thick for me.. =P
I want a small TV,
and It fit me! 僕にびったり!
And the design is also cool.

So, enjoying my TV now, with Subtitle.. =)

Well, I guess I forgot to mention my TV model.


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