Saturday, May 8, 2010

I want to go World EXPO!

I heard people talk about it many times.
I heard my cousin and my uncle are going to the Expo.
I knew there is something BIG.

But I have no idea about it.
Just until the Open ceremony of the Expo.
OMG..It was great!

When I visited Paris and read about the history of Eiffel Tower,
I knew that it was built to celebrate the Paris Exposition.
But I don't know the Paris Exposition is the World Expo!
What a shame... +.+"

Same thing happen in my thesis.
I read about Rudolf Diesel test his Diesel engine in Peanut Oil in Paris Exposition!
What a great EXPO!

OMG..I want to go!
I really do.
Can I?
Anyone want to support me financially? lol... =P
I wonder how many days I need to spend inside the EXPO.



折翼天使 said...

jom..v go sama-sama!!! i wana go oso leh!

Yu Xuan said...

Jom! =P