Monday, January 25, 2010


Today I went to another Italian restaurant..
I believe it's quite famous in M'sia..
The name is Italiannies..

When I was in Italy, one of my friend Tze Yang told me,
Food in Italiannies is terrible, not nice at all..
At that time I also not really believe in him,
because I went to Italiannies once during my first year,
I admit I dont like the food over there,
but I thought is because I don't know how to eat Italian food..
Not because the food over there is not nice..
And at that time, I ordered chicken chop..haha..
Went to italian restaurant eat chicken chop.. @.@
**I'm not good in eating, everytime I visit to a western restaurant, Chicken chop will be my first choice,
because I don't recognize other food, ahaha... =.="


Today i visited this restaurant once again..
I purposely order a pizza called Margherita.
**Margherita is the most basic pizza, only cheese and tomato on top of it.
And I believe it's most difficult to bake the most simple pizza.
Just imagine, if you can cook a very delicious maggie mee just with some sources,
w/o fish ball, chicken, egg, etc..
Then ur skill in cooking maggie is really good!

So my pizza came,
First, its look already make me feel like it's not nice..
Nvm, when I tried it, OMG....Hmmm...
I dont blame them, my be the cheese in M'sia is really not nice..
I rate 4/10, merely pass..

Besides, the pasta over there is also not nice..
The taste is really weird..
Weird until u don't feel like want to eat it.. =.="
May be is because the I don't how to order..ha..
I rate 5/10..

This is my second experiences in Italiannies..
And I promise, I will not enter this restaurant next time..
Highly NOT recommended to those who want to eat Italian food..
May be the chicken chop is good..
I don't know..I think chichken chop is good in every western restaurant, ha...
But definitely not Pizza and Pasta..

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