Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Roma Group Gathering in Bella Italia

Today Me, WEi Bing, Tze Yang and Thayalan have a Roma Gathering in an Italian Restaurant called Bella Italia in SS2.

As a student in UM, SS2 should be very familiar to me..

Until today only I knew there was an Italian Restaurant in SS2.
And I heard that this restaurant is one of the best Italian Restaurant in town!!

Anyway, today Roma group have a good fellowship time..
We talk about all our sweet memories in Italy..
Wow..I miss Italy again..
Ooh no, it should be WE miss Italy again!!

Talk about Italy, there are few nice places that we miss..
We didn't visit famous Siena, Cinque Tera and San Gimignano..
What a big big Regret for us..
Nevermine, we will have the chance to visit there again!
We will return, Italia!!

Good to have a gathering with u guys!! =)

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