Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Charming Paris

I seldom blog about my Europe trip,
For a simple reason,
It was too long to blog.
Today as well, I will not blog about my Paris trip,
But I would like to blog about Paris here.
Also for a simple reason,
I can’t withstand not to blog about Paris!
It was just an amazing city!
I love Paris!
The best city I’ve visited before was Edinburgh.
But the city that stole my heart was Paris.
And the city I dislike the most was Madrid.
Weird thing happen here, the building in Paris is same style as Madrid.
I mean basically when you walk in the street, Madrid and Paris actually not much different.
Why my heart was stole by Paris, not Edinburgh?
Why I dislike Madrid but not Paris?
It’s really a strange phenomenon.

The answer is…

Paris has Eiffel Tower!

Paris has Seina River!

Paris has Champs-Elysees!

For me,
Eiffel Tower is the best tower in the world!
Seina River is the most beautiful River in the world!
And with no doubt,
Everyone will agree that champs-Elysees is the best street in the world!
In fact it’s the most famous street in the world!
People said Paris is the most beautiful and romantic city in the world.
For me, Edinburgh is the most beautiful city.
The Edinburgh Castle, Old Town, Royal Mile, Mysteries, Legends…
All things added together made Edinburgh a really unique and charming city.
But talking about romantic, with no doubt, Paris is No.1!!
Perhaps after you read this blog,
You’ll still don’t understand why I didn’t choose Edinburgh.
It need own experience.
Only experience can explain it.
Paris, for sure I’ll come back to you!!

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winter said...

wouldn't putrajaya street comparable to the street in paris?