Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stepping out of my comfort zone!

Finally, one month has passed..
Still 5 months to go..
I felt the time pass through so fast!!

This time internship is really meaningful to me.
I experience how to really organize my life.
I have to do everything on my own,
No family help, no close friend to look for.
I have to really budget baik baik so that I will not over spend.
Every dinner have to cook in home.
(Now only I know I can cook man, taste is quite nice ok?? ha...)
Learn to go market and buy food, learn to cook, learn to plan the dinner menu..
Before buy everything, I’ve to stop and think 3 seconds, is it worth to buy?
Don’t forget Euro currency is 5X of our RM!!
Every Friday night have to plan where can I visit during the weekend?
How to go there?
What is the historical background of the place and so on.
Everyday have to wake up in 7:20am and sleep before 12am.
Have breakfast before go to work..
Wow, such a organize lifestyle..

I think I’ll grow a lot here..
I'm glad God gave me this opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and do something new!

Keep on man.. ;-)

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