Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Exciting Life in Rome

Ok, I used to update my life in Rome..
So here it is..
I should use some Italian actually, haha..
Allora (ok), recently I realize I’ve finish visit all the places in Rome dy..
Left the only 1, the most important 1.. Colloseo..
Bcz the best always reserve for the last..
I need to wait until nice weather, perhaps in Aprile (April) during primavera (spring)..
Allora, what I did for this whole week was only Shopping Shopping Shopping..
Especially shopped in ZARA, the cheapest shop in the Rome.. >.<
I’m not kidding, ZARA is the cheapest in town..
So u can imagine what is the standard here..
Along the street, u can see many shop that u never see before, I means the brands..
But, once u enter u’ll straight come out..
Bcz minimum will cost u 30Euro..
I jeans will cost u at least 50Euro..
U may say I can buy Levi’s in Malaysia with these price but u’ll never know Levi’s here cost at least 90Euro..
Bomb… >.< =.=”
Anyway, I enjoyed shopping in ZARA, ha..
In total I spent RM1000 in shopping and i think in Zara I spent around RM850, lol… XD
Fruitful week, definitely was a fruitful week.. hehe..

Oopsh.. forgot 1 thing..
I’ve decided to attend Rome Baptist Church instead of Rome Methodist Church..
Bcz in Baptist church, I will feel like I’m in my hometown church..
At least we sang the same song..
Italy, ya, I want to discover u more..
So, I’ll start my Italy trip on next months.. ;-)

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