Thursday, January 15, 2009

First week in Rome

I have been in Rome for one week!
Yeah!! =)
Well, this week I just walked to office (APS Roma) then listen to some introduction about the company.
Then had the lunch there, after that just chatting in the room and go back!!
What a simple job!!
No wonder the company just gives us 300Euro.
Ohh..Not give, but is “施舍”us!!
Another thing is other people work from 8:30am til 5:30pm but we work from 10am then back at 5pm..
3hours go to “lecture” then 3 hours for training..
But so far I didn’t attend any training yet..
So u all have the idea of how is my working life??!! =P

Well, apart from working, now is the staying part.
Our house is damn expensive, 350Euro and only have 2 room and 1 cupboard.
Pity my fren from UTP have to sleep in living room, haha.. sorry guy!
1st two day reach Rome, we’re like living in jungle, no food no water no hp signal no internet and cold!!
For 2 day I only ate 1 bread and 1 cup of tap water because the water here can’t boil 1.
Once boiled, a white film will appear, haiz..pity..

Finish the house part, now come to the most interesting part, visiting to the Rome!!
Wow, Rome is a great and wonderful city.
They build a high tech city in an ancient city.
Everywhere u walk, u can see the monument, ancient church and ancient buildings.
So far I have been visited Colloseo, Pantheon, Vantican City, Palatino, Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Venezia, Piazza di Spagna and a lot of Piazza……
Everywhere u also will feel like wanna to sanck the photo!
Turn to right, Wow this is awesome.
Turn to left, Wah this is great.
Turn to behind, Walau this is unbelievable.
As a conclusion, it’s really a nice city.
Have the chance can have a visit here.. =)

Really praise God for giving me this opportunity to do my internship here..

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Meg said...

why your salary can't cover your living expenses ar? you go to this internship thru AIESEC right? didn't they promise that you will get salary tat can cover your living cost? so pity you ar! 2 days, eat 1 bread???