Monday, January 5, 2009

Doha Airport

Now in Doha Airport waiting for my flight to Rome..
Haiz.. need to wait 8 hours..
Luckily here still can online..
Today is my lucky day..
U know what?
Bcz my flight is economy class but when I check-in, they transfer me to business class..
Such a wonderful thing..
They said I’m lucky!!
First time sat on business class..
Wonderful is the only word I can describe..
After try business class I guarantee u will never want to sit on economy class already, hahaha…

Praise Lord..
I know God is always be with me..
Avthing is going to be alright..
Avthing is going to be great..
Lord, protect me and guide me..
U’re my shelter.. =)

Bro n Sis, plz remember me in ur prayer.
Thx.. =)

1 comment:

steven said...

sure u r one of he lucky 1. or indeed a blessed 1... haha... praise God for that!i never had any chance to sit in the business class.. i still have last paper to sit for that is on dis thurs... kinda hard because it's neurology. guess i hate that sub a lot... haha... bring maggi only?? em... bad choice.. hehe... cuz ur stock wil depleted till zero in juz a month... den u have to suffer for the rest of the months... but still, i think u'l get adapted to their food... and hopefully it wil be cheap there. if not, i guess u juz hav to tighten up ur belt.. all the best for ur journey bro. hope can see u in 3years time..