Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some update on my working life

These few days I am attending various classes together with the customers from Australia.

I'm pretty enjoying the lessons and the time with those Australian.

Today, I have vibration class.
When talk about vibration, I believe most of the mechanical guy in my batch will say NO!!!!!

I think there are few reasons.
First, the lecturer scared us by saying each year there are 20% of the student fail the subject.

Second, the lecture have too many equations.

Third, the lecturer seen like not a friendly lecturer.

Before the class, I was thinking, vibration again!

But surprisingly, the speaker explain the concept of vibration in a very simple way.
No complicated equation!!!

Franking speaking,
although I attended the lecture in UM
although the lecturer is expert in vibration
although I scored an A in vibration

Today only I understand about vibration!!
It may sound sarcastic,
But that is the truth.
At least it happened on me.

I knew first mode, second mode, third mode...
I knew phase lag...
I knew damping, spring constant...
I knew natural frequency, nodal point, amplitude Bla Bla Bla...

But I have no idea why I need those information!!
I don't know how to solve vibration problem in real life.
Ok, u gave me some values, the I calculate by using this or that equation.
Ok, done, I answer the question perfectly.

But where to apply this in real life??
Sorry, honestly I can't tell you.
This is my problem or UM problem?

I just felt that we are lacking of the practical education in university.

For the first time I felt that vibration is interesting,
And I really want to know more about it!!

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