Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mechanical, I proud to be mechanical guy

This week is the second week I work in Keihin.
And I spent my second week inside the factory.
Basically I disassemble and assemble the mechanical parts in turbine.
Wow, it sound interesting right?!

I was so enjoy going through the training and it made me know more about mechanical.
It can't be deny that the world is changed to electrical system.
Electrical system is great design and it sound like having higher efficiency if compare to mechanical system.
But I respect those who design the mechanical system.
How can a person think out such a design?!
Somemore it was like 100 years or 200 years ago.
It is so amazing! Sugoi!!!
Use all the lever, pilot, piston..
If we move this one, that one will move and cause the other one to move..
This one move 1mm, the speed reduce 1%..
The measure is precise and the parts are delicate!
I'm so exciting!

I proud to be a mechanical guy.
Training inside the factory make me understand more about the theories in the book.
And I can't forget to mention this,
people inside the factory tend to be relax and more fun!
Working in factory is really FUN!
But people inside the office is dull.
There are full of colours in the factory,
but only black and white inside the office.. =(
Luckily, I no need to wear a mask while work in Keihin.
Which I suppose I have to if I'm working in main office of Toshiba.
That is tiring!
There is another good thing about my office.
We seldom go drink after work.
Yeah! This is a very good news to me!
Because it is very tire after work and I don't wish to go out and drink!
Thanks God for putting me in an environment that fit my style.
I love this place and love my job!
Tomorrow is the last day!
Enjoy the last day in factory and see u guy in May.
I will come back and learn more!

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