Friday, June 25, 2010

Arrivederci Italia

Arrivederci Italia..
Goodbye Italy..

Italy had been send off from the World Cup!
World champion and 1st runner up can't make it into round 16.
This is called football!

I not really a football fan.
But I started to take note on the football news after I backed from Italy.
I don't have my favorite team.
But I do support few teams in world cup.
I support Argentina, Brazil, England and Italy.
I like Argentina because of Messi and Maradona.
I like Brazil because they are the best team.
I like England because they are the most famous team.
I like Italy because Italy used to be my second home.

There is a song called "Arrivederci Roma".
Today I would like to sing Arrivederci Italia.
Ciao ciao mio amici..
My heart is still attach to you!

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