Sunday, January 3, 2010

~ Romantic Place ~

Today I spent the whole night browing through the internet, try to find some romantic places or restaurants in KL..

Stay in KL for 4 years, it's hard to find this kind of places.
Actually not hard, is no money..
So, it show that MONEY is very important.
It can help to express your love, ahaha..

*We can Give without Love, but we cannot Love without Giving*
Love means sacrifice, means give away.
But if we don't have, how to give away??

Go to KL tower and have a dinner over there??
Can't, too espensive already..
Wait me working first..

Where else, Tamarind Springs Restaurant?
I first time heard about that, but most of the people recommend this romantic restaurant.
Can't, too expensive already..
Sigh, what to do??

When I get a bit disappointed and close the IE.
I saw my wallpaper on the screen..
Guess what??

Ya, my wallpaper is Venice!
OMG, we have went to one of the most romantic place in the world.
Where else in KL can compete??

God, it's ur grace to give us this wonderful journey in Europe.
So my dear, don't blame me not bringing you to the romantic place in KL.
I had brought you climb up the Eiffel Tower, walked by the Venice Grand Canal, Enjoying the sunset in Rome. Nothing can beyond that!

Praise God!

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