Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Wedding to my sister

Happy Wedding to my sister!!

5th of December was my sister wedding.
A lot of thing can be blog about the wedding but I'm quite lazy to blog about it, haha...

First, I received a lot of Ang Pau, ahaha...
But this is not the main point of the wedding...
My main point is I want to thanks everyone who purposely came to JB to attend my sister's wedding.
I really appreaciated their effort and their heart especially my sister friends and my relatives.

I'm happy that my cousins can attend the wedding.
Relationship between me and my cousins are not that close.
While we were still in primary school, actually we were quite close but the distance between us became greater and greater while we were grown up as a teenager.

Whenever we have a big ceremony or event in our family, we all will gather and celebrate together..
I'm thinking this relationship will still hold within my generation.
But how about next generation?
Will my children still keep in touch with their children?
Will my grandchildren still keep in touch with their grandchildren?
I really hope that the relationship can be preserve from generation to generation.

Anyway, i'm alsways proud to have them as my cousins.

My sister always love me and very generous to me.
Today I can love but i dont have the ability.
What Keith preach in the church was very true.
"We can give w/o love, but we can never love w/o giving.
We may have love inside our heart, but when we dont have the ability, we can't show our love perfectly."
I always wish that I can have a great future and i can be a blessing to my family.
I want to show my love toward my family member through giving them a better life style.
Last, I'm very happy my sister can get a good husband and i wish their love will last forever!!

Again, Happy Wedding to my sister! =)

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