Friday, May 15, 2009

London Trip, Day 1

I know it is a bit late for me to blog about my London trip which was 3 weeks ago, haha..

Because after backed from London, i was busying plan my next trip to Glasgow, Edinburgh and London again, haha..

Well, don't talk so much, let's start.
The first impression London gave me was...

Finally, i'm home.

I don't know the exact reason, perhaps was everything look familiar to me.

Finally i can understand all the sign board, i can read the newspaper, magazine.

I saw Tesco, KFC, Pizza Hut.

The most obvious changing is no more USCITA sign but EXIT!!

This feeling was great!

Here is the subway of London, the first country had a subway since 1863.

Bayswater station is the one nearest to my hostel.

Inside the subway..

Well, my London Trip began at War Imperial Museum.

When i saw the museum from outside, my impression was WOW...

Totally different from Rome!

In Rome, you will find a lot of museum too but most of them can be found in between a row of shops, i means a small museum and the admission fee will simply cost you 7Euro.

Here is the War Imperial Museum.

I think now you know the reason i could WOW during that time.

Another thing is, it was FREE admission!!

Another WOW when i stepped inside the museum.

A lot of tanks, aircrafts, submarines, bombs and etc..

Little Boy, the bomb that dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki!!
Information from WWI to WWII to Cold War..
Scout position during the war.
I can easily spend my whole inside the museum.
And here was the statement mentioned by our very own Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman.
How do you think about it??

Another FREE and GRAND museum i had visited, Natural History Museum.

Look at the building man, amazing!!

I can't believe this is a museum!!
Can u see the sculptures??

And the first thing i saw when i stepped inside the museum is this...

There are a lot more...
Next to Natural History Museum is Science Museum.

As an engineering student, Science Museum is a must.

I like this, BMW.. =)


After visited all the FREE Museum, I ended my day 1 trip in London busiest shopping street, Oxfort Street.

Although this time i can't visit Oxford University, but stood on the Oxford Street made me felt like inside the Oxford University too, haha... ^^

At the end, not to forget about the red phonebooth too..

To be continue...

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JoCeLyn SteMiLyn said...

gosh make me so envious of you....though i know thats not the best word to describe myself...but...I wanna be there too!!