Thursday, April 2, 2009

Milan & Venice Trip

Venice and Milan Trip..
I think I had nothing to talk about Milan, because it is just another city..
Nothing special, except a Ghotic style church, Doumo.

And branded shop everywhere..
What to do? Can see can’t touch, haha..
Here is LV n Prada at most famous shopping complex in Milan, Vittorio Emmanuel II.

Let talk something more interesting, Venice..
Well, Venice really not disappointed me.
It is just like what u see in movie or poster, a city of water.
Taking picture at Venice no need skill because whatever u take, wherever u take, however u take, the picture will always look great!!!
No transport is allowed except boat..Not even a bicycle can be found..
Do u know the foundation of Venice not concrete and steel but only wood!!
Doesn’t it is amazing?
Here are some amin sights in Venice..
Rialto, the most famous bridge in Venice..

Bridge of sigh, the most romantic bridge in Venice..

Basilica San Marco, the most grand building in Venice..
Piazza San Marco, according to Napoleon, it is the most beautiful piazza in the world..

Apart from water, What will u think when Venice is mentioned?
Definitely is Mask..
Venice Mask, a symbol of mystery and romance..

Well, tire in uploading picture and typing..
Curious about Murano, Burano, Lido, just check it online..Beutiful place as well...


JoCeLyn SteMiLyn said...'s really beautiful...really have to go there someday, about the food?is it nice?
I want the mask...=) lolz...

Yu Xuan said...

I not really like Italian food..Food, Malaysia is the best..Believe me...
Definitely it's a place u cant miss it in ur life..
But hurry up, estimated Venice going to lost in this world due to the global warming..

JoCeLyn SteMiLyn said...

really? yor...dont even have enough money to buy my new camera summore have to save up for Venice...ahhh...

anyway,can you re-add me on msn? i lost yours...ehehehe