Friday, March 20, 2009

Disappointed with The Last Supper

The Last Supper..
Recently I’m totally disappointed with The Last Supper..
Ya, the drawing by L. Da Vinci..
I know that it’s a very famous drawing..Perhaps is a most famous drawing after the Smile of Mona Lisa..
A drawing in inside a church..
As a Christian organization, I’m totally disappointed they allow the tourist center or 3rd parties to hold the ticket for double or triple price..
What’s that?
The original price is 8Euro, now at least I need to pay 16Euro just go in and see this drawing for 15minute??????
Ooh God, please..
If the original price is 16Euro, I think I’ll still go..
But, the fact is, why I need to pay extra?????
Disappointed not because of the price, but because of Christian, a church..
They have a lousy management..
Yes, lousy..
I’m sure they know that they are people outside who sell this ticket in a much higher price, why not they do something??
I’m sure they can do something..but they just ignore..
I’m very happy with football match ticket, because they need to print the name on the ticket and verify it before u can enter the stadium..
So, people can’t manipulate the ticket price..
Again, disappointed..

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