Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bla Bla Bla...

Few more days I’ll fly to Rome, Italy.

Now my emotion is quite complicated.

Felt excited?
Sure, Rome should be a great place.

Felt worried?
Sure, Rome is out of my comfort zone.
I live in Malaysia for 21 years already.
Suddenly have to change a new environment, a Western culture..
Seroiusly, I felt nervous..

I’ve been travel a lot and went Europe before.
But this time is going there for 6 months not 1 week!!
What should I bring?
Should I bring this?
Should I not bring that?
I used to an expert in keeping my luggage but this time I got so many “??” in my head.
I don’t know whether it is really cold in Rome? 2 degree Celsius..
Is it considered cold for me?
I think so..
But I can only bring 20kg luggage.. =(
Should I buy the clothes over there?
Euro, 5X of our RM..
Before spend really have to fikir baik-baik dulu..

Anyway, I’m lazy to continue write this nonsense thing..
I just want to find a way to express my feeling..

I’m coming….!!!!!!!!!!

*After the relaxing moment, have to continue keep my luggage.. =(
Headache again..


steven said...

hey. then i can give u some advise since i'm lving in a place that have 4season. and winter always reached -40degree... so, goin to rome for six month huh? winnter jacket is a must living in a cold place. but i suggest u buy the jacket in Rome itself. it'll be warm and nice if u buy there, o else u'll be freezing if u bring mas's jacket over. for me, i always bring along some rare food that i can get in europe country like anchovies, dried prawns, and all dried stuff la. cuz i'll help u to survive here. but still, it depends...i duno if rome will allowed u to bring those food o not. bring along shirts and pants. cuz in rome, i dun think u'll spend much on their clothes.. juz be relax la.k? gtg dy. tc dude. God bles

Yu Xuan said...

I have bought the jacket here..
btw in rome the weather not as cold as ukraine.. it only 2 degree i think, haha..
wah, u bring food alone ooh..
i still dono wat should i bring..
i think i'll jz maggie..haha..
thx ya bro..
ya, i won't spend much in thier clothes but for sure i'll get some clothes over there oso la..
tc bro.. =)